About us

We focus on good quality and fast deliveries!

Plasma Steel is a limited company owned by Thomas Svedström and Johnny Österberg. The company was founded in 2007, and the production took place in autumn -08. In 2012 the company took its first employee, and at the same time the founders invested in a new hall. The following year the company enhanced its production by investing in a new 2/3D laser machine and so during year 2014 the owners hired their second employee. The goal for 2015-2016 was to invest in a second lasermachine, and so in autumn 2016 a brand new BySprint Fiber took its place at the workshop floor. Ab Plasma Steel Oy is a specialized subcontractor in the metal industry, and its primary goal is to cut different kinds of components for its customers, but also to process the parts as ready as possible if that’s what the customer wants.

We have:

  • Fiber laser
  • 2D/3D laser
  • Fine beam plasma
  • CNC Press brake
  • Welding
  • In cooperation with external companys we can arrange blasting, painting, milling and turning etc of your products.