BySprint Fiber 3015 4kw Fiber lasers ar the newest development in laser cutting. The laser beam is created by an active fiber and transmitted over a transport fiber to the machine cutting head. A fiber cutting system is primarily suited for processing thin to medium-thick sheet metal. Even non-ferrous metals can be processed with excellent quality (copper and brass).

Working area:
X: 3048 mm, Y: 1524 mm, Z: 70 mm
Steel max: 20mm
Stainless Steel max: 15mm
Aluminium max: 15mm
Brass max: 8mm
Copper max: 8mm

DOMINO® is a laser machine designed for today’s industrial requirements for flexibility, productivity, efficiency, and quality. A single machine cuts flat sheet and three-dimensional parts, performs bevel cuts for the weld preparation and processes tubes and profiles. DOMINO® is a high capacity 5-axis machine with the high dynamics of a 2D machine, and it has a considerable work volume. The direct-drive head is highly dynamic and accurate, ensuring excellent cutting quality even on thick sheets. Thanks to the rapid tool change system, it can be easily reconfigured to suit all types of processing.

Working area:
X: 3065 mm, Y: 1555 mm, Z: 400 mm
A 360°, B ±135°
Steel max: 20mm
Stainless Steel max: 15mm
Aluminium max: 10mm

Finebeamplasma 280A

Working area:
6000mm x 2500mm
Steel max: 30mm
Steinless Steel max: 15mm
Aluminium max: 25mm

With gas the working area is:
6000mm x2500mm
Steel max: 100mm